Pandas in Python – Selecting data


This is Jing, a data scientist with great passion for applying data science and big data technology in the industry. Today you are going to learn Pandas with me. I will talk about how to using Pandas to select data when you are processing data with python in this blog.

Here is a list of commonly used functions in pandas for selecting data we will cover today in this blog.

  • iloc[]
  • sample()
  • isin()
  • where()
  • query()
  • not()
  • get()
  • lookup()

Before we look at each function, we need to create an example dataset so that you could understand the function better through the examples. And import the pandas library as pd which is a name we will use in the following code. Then follows explanation, examples and exercise of each function listed above.

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Hope you find it is helpful for you to learn more about Pandas!